Sunday, September 2, 2012

Budding Quilting Star

My niece Megan (right) is here with her sister Marisa.  Megan has entered her quilt in my Mom's guild show.  Her piece was hand appliqued and she did a fantastic job.  Her applique stitches are invisible, a talent that takes years to master.  I am so proud of her!  And look.. are those ribbons?  I'll have to find out the scoop on that...

I managed to do a bunch of quilting in August.

Just put the last stitch in a baby quilt for my cousin Julie.  She is due this month.


I have been working on a UFO challenge and just cranking them out.  Here is one that I did for my Aunt and Uncle.  This was UFO #3 on my list two more to go.

Here's a bigger picture of that one.;postID=4134521522125988271

This 9 patch is what I'm currently working on.... Its almost together, at least it will be today I hope.  I'll post when I have more progress, and hints of a border...

Plus I've been doing a little quilting for some friends.

I started Croffsit a couple of months ago and have been focusing on eating and working out.  Strange how addicting exercise can be, but here I am at 6am on a long holiday weekend and my body is ready to go, of course my brain says quilt quilt quilt.  If you have never heard of crossfit, its a combination of endurance, gymnastics and weight training.  The work out is different and challenging everyday.  Each exercise is scalable meaning, I can't do pull-ups so they have a giant rubber band to help me get there at my pace and smaller weights for me, since I have never done weights.  Each workout seems impossible, yet you do get to the end and feel great!  ok well tired and great...sore but great!  lol.  Crossfit is everywhere, look up local crossfit box and I'll bet you've got one near you.

A lot of catching up to do on the blog so I'll spread it out over the next couple of posts.

I hope you get to sew some on this wonderful holiday weekend.

Love Aunti Nicole