Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lucy June

Some friends of mine recently had a baby, her name is Lucy June and I can't wait to meet her.  I'm hoping to bring this to her soon. 

I found the Seven Berries fabric at Calico House in Brea when shopping with Mom.  This allowed me to buy fabric as well as use some of my abundant stash.  Hardly made a dent in the stash... but it was fun just the same. 

The piano keys are actually somewhat blended all around but you would have to look closely at the fabric.  This green fabric has bits of yellow so I move to yellow and so on all around.  Didn't really follow a pattern just kept building until I was done.  Very fun.


  1. That made me weep. It is so beautiful, and so incredibly thoughtful. You guys have to come and meet her. She is getting so big (and I mean big!)

    Hope all is well!!

  2. You saw it! Yeah! Just finished on Monday, I kinda missed her birfday, but at least its before she graduates high school. Give us a call if you are around this weekend. ;]

  3. This is such a sweet quilt, it shows nicely in the photo. Great job! Lucy June will love it.


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