Monday, June 21, 2010

Showcase your Favorite Fabrics

I had this Cardinal fabric that was given to me by EZ Quilter Sandra Usher.  I just could not bring myself to cut up the pretty little cardinals so I decided to showcase them.  This started out to be a Christmas tree skirt but I got the lazies and just finished them as individuals.  Now they nicely fill an empty wall. 
"But its Christmas fabric!", you say.  I say "So?!"

Good comback huh?

Happy Quilting    
Aunti Nicole

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oliver's Garden - Happy Anniversary

Last year my dear friend Dione turned 40, graduated USC and...married Garrett Oliver.  We celebrated their wedding in South Dakota on her Dad's farm where she grew up.  It was truly a blessed day.  Yesterday they celebrated their one year anniversary at the Jazz Festival in LA.  The happy couple will be hiking the swiss alps this summer.  Happy Anniversary Garrett and Dione! 

Their wedding quilt, shown above, I designed in Autodesk Inventor which is a software that I teach.  In this program, typically used for manufacturing engineers, I could adjust my design, get true dimensions and past bitmaps of the fabric on it, so I could see the results.  In engineering we call it virtual prototyping.  I printed a  1/8" wedge of the pattern on large format paper, then added a litte bit of detail by hand to make it feel a little more natural.  The borders are a 9" mirror and repeat and then 1 corner.  Quilt dimensions are 109" x 109". 

The whole quilt was reversed appliqued, except for the cross hatch which was appliqued bias strips.  My mom took 3 of the borders to applique on her vacation around the country (3 mos).  Then I hand quilted the whole thing in an echo.  All told it took about 1 1/2 years.  I'm glad they had a long engagement, hehehe.

I am so happy with the way this came out and I put wedding prayers and blessings in every stitch.  Thanks Mom for your help! 

Happy Anniversary Garrett and Dione Oliver! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Had to take it out of the pack.

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My first attempt at blogging via flickr, so i had to put this in two posts, hehehe.

Quilt Shopping in Albuquerque

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Ok, well maybe I was working earlier this week. Did a Plant 3D training Tuesday and Wednesday this week and extended my stay to visit my dear friend Gina in Rio Rancho, NM We have been friends since we worked together, over 18 years ago. Its great to see her and her wonderful kids, Jade and Pablo, and her mom Lucille, also enjoying a vacation.

So Gina found this great quilt store not far from here (I'm trying to give her the quilting bug, muhahaha!) as I am known to do ;] So anyway we went to Southwest Decoratives and I was so pleased to find so many unique fabrics with traditional and original south western culture. I could have brought my sewing machine and sleeping bag and camped out.

I bought a big stag, something like 43 fat quarters of original batiks and some original patterns as well. The people at the store were lots of fun and very helpful. If you find your self in Albuquerque, NM you have to stop in.

So now we are off to watch Jade at Gymnastics and Pablo at Basketball. Then its Karaoke tonite with the kids, party! Talk to you all soon.

Aunti Nic

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quilt Bag of Requirement

I thought I felt someone staring at me while I was sewing and I turned around to see WillieNo peeking out from inside my Quilt Bag of Requirement. He's always watching, waiting for........

a lap whatelse. It really doesn't matter whose lap.

When I called my Mom to tell her I finished this bag, she asked "How big is it?"  My response, "Well, its as big as you need it to be".   Thus the name.

I wish I had a Room of Requirement, that had big empty design walls and light from every angle, oh and a hot tub for when I'm machine quilting on my Bernina...and. cabana boy and a chef....  hmmm  Right away please!

I made this bag with fabric purchased from Beyond the Reef  last year at PQIF. 

You can find this pattern at My Paris Traveler's Bag. Pattern is easy to follow and the best part is the zipper! Cuz normally we hates the zippers.

Well I just love the bag and it is absolutely huge.  Don't worry I can fill it, you can count on me.

Many quilt stores are giving special perks to shoppers who use their own bags. Last Sunday I was entered in a drawing at The Calico House in Brea, California and the week before in the The Quilting Bee in Orange, California. It would be a great story if I said I won the drawings ;] .... I still might.

Have a wonderful weekend!