Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quilt Bag of Requirement

I thought I felt someone staring at me while I was sewing and I turned around to see WillieNo peeking out from inside my Quilt Bag of Requirement. He's always watching, waiting for........

a lap whatelse. It really doesn't matter whose lap.

When I called my Mom to tell her I finished this bag, she asked "How big is it?"  My response, "Well, its as big as you need it to be".   Thus the name.

I wish I had a Room of Requirement, that had big empty design walls and light from every angle, oh and a hot tub for when I'm machine quilting on my Bernina...and. cabana boy and a chef....  hmmm  Right away please!

I made this bag with fabric purchased from Beyond the Reef  last year at PQIF. 

You can find this pattern at My Paris Traveler's Bag. Pattern is easy to follow and the best part is the zipper! Cuz normally we hates the zippers.

Well I just love the bag and it is absolutely huge.  Don't worry I can fill it, you can count on me.

Many quilt stores are giving special perks to shoppers who use their own bags. Last Sunday I was entered in a drawing at The Calico House in Brea, California and the week before in the The Quilting Bee in Orange, California. It would be a great story if I said I won the drawings ;] .... I still might.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love Willie peeking out from your bag. He has the knack of posing for pictures, doesn't he? I know he loves to check out the latest project to make sure you did it correctly. :O

  2. Hi, Nicole! Love the bag and especially the name. If you ever find that Room of Requirement, send me the directions and how you get in, ok? I could use one too! Looking forward to Bee Splendid with you!

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by! Will definately share the secret of the Room of Requirement, especially with my new friends from Bee. Thanks for following, I added to your blog as well. Gone on vacation now, so I'll check it out better when I get back!

  4. LOVE the kitty soooo cute! Thanks for commenting on glad you like my quilt! There really is a ruffle foot and it makes making ruffle SOOO much easier and more fun!!


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