Thursday, July 29, 2010

I had M&M's for a whole week!

Last week my Mom, came to visit me and join me at the Long Beach Quilt Show.  She surprised me with M&M's.  Megan and Marisa my sisters twins.  What a great week we had.  They love to do everything I like.  They helped me sew, prep, make dessert, play games, entertain friends and even work.   
Marisa and Megan, WillieNo! and me.

Megan did all the prep work on a new wool table runner kit I bought at Primitive Gatherings booth at the quilt show.  The little bag has beads for the blossoms.  She talked Uncle Pete into using the hole punch to make perfect centers for the flowers.  I used a stapler to hole them in place until I get around to sewing.  A trick I learned from a Wool Gathering buddy, Pam Hadfield.

Marisa helped Mom make a kit that she also purchased at Primitive Gatherings.  She had given me all her wool thinking she would probably "never" do wool. Never say never!

This kind of M&M's is not fattening (although we did have our share of chocolate this week, holy cow!).  They keep you busy and going going going.   Now I know how my sister stays so fit!  Thanks Dana for sharing your girls with me.
And thanks Mom for bringing me M&M's.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's on the Hoop

This shoe-fly quilt is a great scrappy project.  I bought one background fabric and all the rest is stash!  Oh exept for the border.  For a scrappy project, I almost always buy new border fabric after I'm done with the inside.  The scraps will tell you what border it needs (scrap whisperer, hehe).  Its hard to tell before hand.  It also may limit the color of scraps you pick, unless that is your goal of course. 
I have been working on the hand quilting this one for about four months.  Its my evening project (when there is no other hand work, applique, binding, embroidery, etc.).  There was a deadline, but its come and gone.  So I am not stressing about it anymore, it will be done when its done.

Well I'm finally on the outer sashing, so thats a good sign right? I'm about halfway around with the sashing and then I am on to the borders. My husband Pete helped me pick a pattern for the borders that has a knot in the corners. And maaaaabee I'll do some special binding, it depends on how much longer the quilting takes.

I love feel of a quilt after its been hand quilted.  The fabric gets worked and it has a special appeal.  It just takes longer.  Which is why my blog posts have been few lately.  I like to use a variegated machine thread or silk thread for quilting.  

Those of you who have not gotten into hand quilting, I recommned it.  When this quilt is done, I'll post a better picture, tell you about some great quilters and maybe post some hand quilting tips I've learned.  I suspect it will be around the end of this month.
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bee Spendid in July

This is the first month of the Bee Splendid block bee.  I got a slow start because I had to go on hoo ;]  and we had our mail held up.  So we returned 3 days before having to go back to work, but they then an observed mail holiday on Monday, duh-op!  So finally on Tuesday my squishy packaged arrived.  I was so excited (and exhaust from my first day back from work)...that I had to go to bed, lol.  So ok 2 days later I'm done!

Sarah has sent us some yummy brights and a pattern with a twist on the Jacob's ladder traditional block.  I added some goodies of my own and voila, my first one done!


and my second block.  I just love the little gray flowers, so yeah I had to add some gray and RED!!! from my stash. 

These blocks were quick and fun.  Karrie Lyne aka mama Bee has some great ideas for layout of these blocks too.  Can't wait to see the rest of the blocks for Sarah and her final finished top.

Happy Quilting!
Aunti Nicole

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mardel

July block for EZ Quilter's Birthday block exchange is for Mardel Price's.

Happy Birthday Mardel!  Hope your birthday is as bright and sunny as this quilt will be.

Next up Bee block!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Silver in my Rainbow

A few years back my niece Patience made a rainbow strata from strips of bright fabrics.  So last night I used Julie Herman's Circle Around from Jaybird Quilts once again and whipped this up.  At this rate it should be finished and ready to take with her to USC.
She has just graduated from Immaculate Heart in LA and will be starting USC in the fall.  I am so proud of her and want to give her something to remember her Anicole, as she calls me.   Its not like she'll be far from me but way too busy I'm sure. 
WillieNo! helped of course.  He said "See gray is an important part of the rainbow".  I said "Ok thanks for the lesson thats very nice, now Git Down!"

"Excuse me but does this angle make my tail look fat?"