Monday, July 5, 2010

The Silver in my Rainbow

A few years back my niece Patience made a rainbow strata from strips of bright fabrics.  So last night I used Julie Herman's Circle Around from Jaybird Quilts once again and whipped this up.  At this rate it should be finished and ready to take with her to USC.
She has just graduated from Immaculate Heart in LA and will be starting USC in the fall.  I am so proud of her and want to give her something to remember her Anicole, as she calls me.   Its not like she'll be far from me but way too busy I'm sure. 
WillieNo! helped of course.  He said "See gray is an important part of the rainbow".  I said "Ok thanks for the lesson thats very nice, now Git Down!"

"Excuse me but does this angle make my tail look fat?" 


  1. I LIKE IT! Especially the gray addition. WillieNo! sure knows how to show off a quilt. Maybe in his next life, he will work on Wheel of Fortune.

  2. Very fun! My granddaughter Casey is headed to SC in the Fall too. we are so excited, she has grown up in KC, KS so now we get her close at hand. Love this quilt!

  3. It's rainbow-a-licious! And, she will LOVE it! You rock Anicole. xo

  4. I am so excited, thank you very much!

  5. Awesome Rainbow Quilt ... with the extra special furry effect!!! I like it... and I KNOW Patience will love it too. What a cool thing to do for her, Anicole. You're the BEST!!!


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