Thursday, July 29, 2010

I had M&M's for a whole week!

Last week my Mom, came to visit me and join me at the Long Beach Quilt Show.  She surprised me with M&M's.  Megan and Marisa my sisters twins.  What a great week we had.  They love to do everything I like.  They helped me sew, prep, make dessert, play games, entertain friends and even work.   
Marisa and Megan, WillieNo! and me.

Megan did all the prep work on a new wool table runner kit I bought at Primitive Gatherings booth at the quilt show.  The little bag has beads for the blossoms.  She talked Uncle Pete into using the hole punch to make perfect centers for the flowers.  I used a stapler to hole them in place until I get around to sewing.  A trick I learned from a Wool Gathering buddy, Pam Hadfield.

Marisa helped Mom make a kit that she also purchased at Primitive Gatherings.  She had given me all her wool thinking she would probably "never" do wool. Never say never!

This kind of M&M's is not fattening (although we did have our share of chocolate this week, holy cow!).  They keep you busy and going going going.   Now I know how my sister stays so fit!  Thanks Dana for sharing your girls with me.
And thanks Mom for bringing me M&M's.



  1. Thats so sweet! I am jealous though you went to the long beach quilt show :)

  2. you also had a little but of "J" !!!
    it was great to see you!!


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