Saturday, July 14, 2012

Twin Pretties

I was talking to my friend Sharon and mentioned that I was practicing my long arm quilting.  She asked if I would do some baby quilts she had made for twins.

So this is my first commissioned quilting job, yeah!

Last month I gave my hair stylist a quilt that I had been working on with her in mind.  The back was tula pink Parisville with the crazy hair styles, see previous May post.  She loved it.  I scanned her thank you card which was like quilter crack.  Had to share it.

Working on a baby boy quilt now for my cousin Julie, have a Septemberish timeline on it.  here is a preview....
I am hand quilting this one and am about 1/4 finished.  Better get crankin ;]

Hope you get to sew this weekend!