Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Gift for the Bride to Be

This year in July, my cousin Daniel St. Pierre will marry this beautiful woman.  Lauren is a wonderful person and we are all looking forward to having her as part of our family.

Her bridal shower was yesterday and I unfortunately wasn't able to attend.  But it looks like she had a great time.

For the bride, I made a wedding purse.  Traditionally at weddings, our family traditionally does a dollar dance, where we bless the newly weds with gobs of cash.  This is always a lot of fun and fruitful for the new couple.  

Assembly:  8 pieces were cut from Satin. 4 of which were embellished and embroidered for the outside, 4 for the inside.  + a pocket for the inside.

Then each outside embellished piece was sewn to an inside piece (wrong sides together) and then turned, the hole was hand stitched.  (I recommend a light facing).  

Button holes were made by hand (thanks Mom!) 

Then the sides were hand stitched up the 3/4 of each side.

Two cords were folded in half and threaded through from either side.

The bag was embellished with lace from Lauren's mother's wedding dress.  How do you cut up a wedding dress?  My Aunt Debbie did it for her.   
So some lace, beaded flowers and cloth buttons from the dress; part of her veil.

Some of the embellishments were from my stash.  But some of the buttons and bling I collected just for her. 

Daniel's mom, Debbie St. Pierre, collected photos of women from both Daniel's side of the family and Lauren's.  I took all the photos into Photoshop and made them all similar in size and used a sepia hue to give them an antique feel.  I printed them onto a fabric sheet and heat set.  Then ironed to fusible web.  I cut out the photos and ironed them in place.  Then did the embellishments and embroidery.


After the wedding, this becomes a prayer bag, where her hopes and prayers can be watched over by the many amazing women in her family, as the Lord works his ways.  These women have experienced every situation as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts and on and on.  Many of them teachers which is a special legacy for Lauren who is a school teacher as well.

The pattern I purchased for Julie's wedding.  By Roxanne's Ribonnry.  

This is the 2nd wedding purse I made.  The first, I made for Daniel's sister Julie in 2009.  The first one looked a little more traditional crazy quilting style, with different fabrics.  This one was mostly lace.  The project took about 6 months, but just because I have to think about a thing before I act on it.  Once you get started and visualize where you are headed, you just start.  Don't be afraid to leave areas you don't like or are just ok.   Life isn't like Facebook where you only post your perfection, when you look back to areas you don't like, they are equally part of who you are.  So leave it all, it makes it richer!

My Aunt Debbie says that Lauren loved the purse! So I guess mission accomplished.

The crazy quilting thing is fun and freeing.  I am not sure I would like to do this for a whole quilt but maybe a photo album cover (do people even use those?)  or prayer box for someone special.

Thank you all for stopping by!

I hope you had a chance to sew this weekend!
Love Aunti Nicole

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring out!

Wow...I just realized its been a really long time between posts.  I have a new computer so maybe this will help.

Here is the last 1 1/2 years in a bucket!  I still love Oregon.  Still love the rain, and yes we got a bit of it this year!  Have joined a local quilt group and made some really nice new friends!  Shout out to Busy Bees, Whoop!  

Love our house our yard.  So much so that I'm starting to garden.  My daffys did not poke through yet but the tulips are amazing, they really want to come up!  More pics to come.

Changed positions at my company KETIV Technologies and am enjoying the new challenges.  I am now the Customer Experience Manager and manage a great team of technical specialists.  Less travel and lots of what I love which is problem solving.

What about Quilting?
I will share some of the projects I've made over the last year and half over the next new posts.  I'll try to post weekly, so hold me to it ;]

The funny thing is that I have a tech background and I have yet to find a good way to get my photos from my phone and nice new cannon camera to my computer to make them readily available to post on my blog.  Lame excuse, but what is everyone using these days?  

I just did an applique workshop for my Busy Bees group last week.  I made up this little sample.  It was fun and several of the people gave it a whirl.  Can't wait to see their finish projects.  Here's my sample.

Why does this bunny remind me of my puppy Dudley?

Speaking of which, this is my love Dudley.  He is such a good pal and follows me everywhere.  Except when Pete is home, then he follows Pete. lol.

Its a hard knock life for us...

No really? Life is good!

My mom is coming for a visit from Lake Shastina this weekend.  She is going to do a workshop on thread painting at my Busy Bees meeting in Clackamas, OR.  I'll share pics when I have them.

I hope you get a chance to sew this week.

Love Aunti Nicole

Monday, October 6, 2014

Keep Hoppin! Blog Hop

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by!  My husband and I just moved to Oregon from Southern California.

We bought a house in Happy Valley.  We are loving Oregon with the change in seasons.  Have a yard now so summer means working in the yard and playing in the pond in our backyard.

I've been quilting for about 25 years now but have been sewing since I was little. Quilting is my artistic outlet.  My favorite thing about it is that there are guidelines and guidelines and rules, but then you can throw them all out and do whatever you want.  I like to take my thinking out of the box mind and twist up something traditional and end up with something new.

While I usually have 15-20 projects going at all phases, I love completing things.  I like to stay up late and push through to completion....sometimes.

I don't really have a style, except if you ask my friends, they'll say I like to complicate things.  I would have to agree completely.   I like puzzles and love a good challenge.

Some things I've learned...
so here are some of mine.. or is mine the worst  These i use in everyday life as well.

1.  Never stop at a mistake.  Fix it right away!  Otherwise you will avoid picking up that project ever again.

2.  Never tell yourself..."I can't do this"   If you enjoy it, then do it.  Find a way or a technique that works for you.

3.  Practice the areas that are rough until they are no longer rough.

4.  Ask questions of others whose work you admire...and then write it down.  I have forgotten more great tips and had to bump my head on the same wall when it hits me "Du-Oph!  Oh yeah, I forgot about that!

4.  Before starting a project, take a few minutes to think it through.

  • How long will this take? 
  • Do i have what i need?  
  • Do i know what I'm doing?
  • Do I really care about any of the above?  
  • Sometimes you just have to sit down and start.
5.  Are there ever any projects that I throw away? No!  Everything will eventually end up in something.  Really it will!

6.  Does everything have to be a quilt? NO!  Tried that...made one block.  Hey look a wall hanging!

7.  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  This project took me 10 years to complete.  Hand appliqued, hand quilted.  Just finished this year.  Thought I would never be done.

8.  Surround yourself by amazing people!  They make life so much richer!

I was invited to this blog hop by Eileen Wintemute.  Check out her blog if you haven't already.  She is an amazing artist and one of those amazing people I mentioned.  Thanks Eileen for inviting me to be part of this.

Also check out my dear friend Dione's blog Crossfit Zen.  They have a community outreach program, bring fitness, nutrition and life style mentoring to kids all over LA.

A few of my favorites are 
and check out follow list.

Please feel free to check my gallery and patterns.  I took a year from blogging so I have some catching up to do.  Although I did spend my first 8 months in Oregon finishing my big Mariner's compass quilt.  Follow this blog if you want to see more.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you get time to sew!

Aunti Nicole

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Voyage of Friendship

Some of you may be wondering where I have been.  Well....its a long story.  Here is the short edited version.  Pete and I transferred our jobs up to Oregon.  We both managed to keep our jobs of 15+ years and work the same companies in different states.  We love Oregon, love the rain and the green.

We rented a house for about 6 mos and then started house hunting.  Last month we bought a house in a quiet little pocket of Happy Valley.  1970's house fully updated with a beautiful water feature in the backyard. 

We have never had a yard so this should be fun.  Pete bought a lawn mower and I am already loving going outside after work, weeding, trimming and playing in the dirt.  I hear that its only 4 mos out of the year, so that might give me some time to sew.

So while I was moving from November 2013 until last month, I decided to store all my quilting stuff and finish a hand quilt that I started in 2004.  Yes that would make it 10 years, but I am finished!  I love the way it turned out.  The outer blocks were done by my EZ Quilter friendship group.  But influenced by every quilter who saw the work in progress.  I love it and its finally home on my bed.

But before it made it there, I sent it to my Mom for her Shasta Lily Guild - Quilt Show last weekend.  My quilt took first place in the Large quilt division.  There were some amazing quilts in this group and I am honored.  Thank you Shasta Lily Quilters!

Viewer's choice in the show went to Bev Roper with this original piece.  This was exquisite work and I love the celtic work in the sashing.  Bev is an amazing artist and quilter.

I have more to share from the show and a recap on the Quilt Sew Knit show here in Portland.  I am a little behind on posts so I have lots to post.  Stay Tuned!

I hope you find some time to sew today!
Love Aunti Nicole

Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 Patch Posie - La Japonaise

I haven't had anything I could share for a little while.  Have been working on some top secret stuff and working on our Flying Geese Quilt Show coming up this September.  I am in charge of vendors this year at the show.  Its fun to see how all the different pieces of the show work.

So today I'm sharing a 4-patch posie that I did last summer at the EZQ mountain retreat.  My friend Sharon Sutton had some great tips so she shared them with us.  She is totally hooked and has been popping these out like candy.  This is my second one and I'll tell you its a lot easier than stack and whack!

This one only uses 4 repeat instead of 8 and squares are pretty easy to handle.  

It too me a while to determine a sashing for this and I went out on a ledge for this one with some fabric I bought a while back and was just dying to use it in something.

There is a lot of quilting in this one, I wanted an opportunity to practice my machine quilting.  Note the large panel down the left side.  This to me is more of a challenge than borders.  What the heck to do with all that wide open space?

Sorry about the poor quality photos, I'm a quilter not a photographer ;]

As quilt judges would say...."...ambitious quilting there on the borders and background, lol.

For the side panel, I broke up the space and did a zentangle type design.  It really helped me just jump in.
If you are every wondering what to do in a wide open space, divide it somehow and just play in the different sections.  Its fun and turns out really well.

I roughly drew on the sections here to give you an idea of how i divided the space.

Hopefully this will inspire someone to take on some wide open spaces.
Hope you all get a chance to quilt this week!
All my bestAunti Nicole

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tessa is almost done!

Amanda and Tessa are just about done with their first quilts!  I am so proud of these girls, they have really hung in there and are getting this quilt finished!

Amanda has some borders to add and we can start the quilting.
Tessa is done with her quilt top and is ready to start the quilting.  Almost there!

I managed to quilt a baby quilt for my friend Sharon this April.  What a happy little quilt this is.
So you see, I have been busy.  Just not on my quilts....  Oh I have been working on one for a challenge but I can't share it until June.

Hope you get to sew this weekend!
Love Aunti Nicole

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ghastlies Reunion revives some old blocks!

Last year at Road to California my friend Debbie Vaupel brought these 12 blocks that she made 20 years ago, in hopes of finding a fabric that could pull them together.  

Well we didn't find anything at Road 2012 but persistence paid off on a shop hop later in the year.  Look what we found at Tranquility Quilts and Fabric Shop in Garden Grove.
Alexander Henry's Ghastly Reunion.  

It pushed her out of her comfort zone and look how fun this is!

 She helped me machine quilt it yesterday.  I used some of the designs I learned from DeLoa Jones class at Road 2013.

I've been keeping busy and have a few other quilts to posted.  Will share them soon so check back!

Hope you all are sewing this weekend,
Love Aunti Nicole