Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy Weekend and Quilting Catch-up

Had another busy weekend.  My dear friend Gina, her kids Jade and Pablo, and her cousins Hector and Alissa stayed with us for a couple of days.  We went to the Orange County fair yesterday in hopes that we would see Led Zeppelin play at 8pm.  After a long fun day, at 7pm we took a vote, who wants to stay for the show? who wants to go home and sit in the Jacuzzi?  So we got home at 7:30, lol.

They left today at noon so I got to catch-up on some quilting.  Made a birthday block for Jamie in my EZ Quilter's group...

Made two drunk love blocks for Mary in my Bee Splendid group, pictures to be posted tomorrow. 

Gave a crochet lesson to my friend Jonathan who wants to finish his mother's afgan, more on that later.

Went to Joann's for yarn for Jonathan and came home with 2 new rulers.  The hexi ones.  Can't wait to make some of Jaybird's hexigons.  Saw her do them at the Long Beach show and it looked like great fun.

Made my supply list for my hand quilting tutorial, soon to be posted.

So I think I crammed enough into a weekend.

Nite to all

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  1. Sounds like it! I can't wait to start on Mary's blocks - my first experience with Drunk Love!


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