Monday, August 2, 2010

Friend's Let Friends Piece Drunk!

This month's block for my Bee Splendid group is for Mary.  She chose improv blocks inspired by Denyse Schmitd's Drunk Love.  
This block was really fun to make, but at one point I had to quit drinking because the border's were going to be too small.  It all worked out and I think I may have to make one for myself.

She included some Kona solids and some different patterns to include in each block.  I think I'm in love with this solid pink, ah... yum!

So the stripe is the only fabric of mine that I included, I hope she doesn't mind.  Its like that obnoxious friend that you invite to your parties even though they may lite the bathroom towels on fire.  (True story, that actually happened at my 40th birthday party.)
Whoa looks like drunk love to me! 

Have fun, bee safe.



  1. After the title I had to look, ha ha! They look great!

  2. Love how the blocks turned out!!!!

  3. I think the real story is the towels being set on fire.... LOL

  4. Who set your bathroom on fire? Maybe it's best I don't know....:)

  5. Ok twisted my arm. On my 40th birthday we had a party at our house. My band was playing so I wasn't drinking, but a few spectators were lit up like it was already Christmas. I had tea lites lit in the bathroom and someone put a hand towel on the tea lite..and whoosh, bathroom in flames. I thought adults drank responsibly, pah! I don't remember fires at parties in my 20's, but maybe I just don't remember the parties, lol.

  6. Ha ha, this post cracks me up. Thanks again for the fantastic blocks!

    Wow, your party sounds like it was pretty crazy! I can't believe that actually happened . . . too funny!


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