Thursday, October 11, 2012

Got Marines?

My guild does mini workshops over the course of the year.  I got to take two in the last month.  The first was was by Nancy Chocek.  She has pretty much mastered the T-shirt quilt thing.  She shared some great tips with us and we got a lot done in the workshop including plenty of laughs.

I got most of the blocks made in the class and now I'm in the process of setting them.  Check back in the next couple of weeks, you might see a finished quilt, lol.

So another workshop I did was by my dear friend and fabric artist Eileen Wintemute.  Her's was Beading Embellishment workshop.  Here is a picture of her sample.  Can't believe how much I learned in so little time.

Mine isn't very far but will be working on that in the next couple of weeks.   

 One of my friends in the class Sandy Ingraham did a Christmas stocking and she finished hers already!  I had to make it big so you can see the cutes little buttons on the bottom.  Great job Sandy.

Great job on both workshops ladies, I ready enjoyed them.  What a great way to spend a couple of Saturdays.  

Ok, more to come.  Next week I'm going on a retreat with my EZ Quilter friends.  Four days, of pure unadulterated quilting in a cozy house with 12 good friends.  Noice!

Hopefully I'll have lots of pics to share when I get back.

Hope you all get to sew this weekend!
Aunti Nicole


  1. Lucky you! We missed our retreat weekend this Fall for various reasons and I am still bummed. I have made several tee shirt quilts...think they are on my Flickr page. I didn't use any interfacing and They turned out great! looking forward to seeing yours completed Nicole.

  2. Wow, great job with the shirts! And Eileen's workshop sample is great, glad you could get to both.

  3. PS, glad you posted, I have been missing you!


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