Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where to start....

Hello my Dears,

Not too many posts in June as it was a very full month.  Had a couple of business trips with a vacation crammed in between and even 2 funerals.  Quick 2 day business trip to Chandler, AZ then back for a day and 10 hr drive up to Mt Shasta to watch my eldest Nephew Miller graduate from High School.  What a great young man he has turned out to be and I am very proud to be his Aunti.  Here's Dana, Miller and Lou

We had a couple of days to hang with them and my Mom and Dad.  Dana's kids are such a joy and we had a great time.

So then Pete and I made our way to Morro Bay to spend some quiet time.  No that's not Pete and I on the dock, but we didn't do too much more than that for 3 days.  Morro Bay rock was covered in fog for 3 days while we were there...and we loved it.  We sat in the hotel room, which had a fantastic view the fog and read our kindles.  We took walks to eat then came back for more reading and relaxing.  Noice!

The Monday back from vacation I headed up to San Jose for a 3 day trip to work with NASA.  While in San Jose I received news that Pete and my dear friend Ludie passed away.  She was a wonderful lady that Pete and I just adored.

Still in San Jose, I receive the news that my darling Gramma Vi passed away.  I am so thankful to God for taking her from her pain, for giving her such a rich life with family and also for allowing me to have such a great relationship with her.  Oh how she loved her kids 6, grandkids 22 and great grandkids 12.  What a treasure she has been and will always be to me.

Picture of her and my Dad, Leon Jr. aka Buddy.

So needless to say, not a whole lot of sewing this month.  I did get my Bee Splendid blocks in the mail to Tracey before June was over.

Challenge was 2 - 12 1/2" blocks using HSTs.  She provided the fabric.   I like the way they came out and am looking forward to what the rest of the group comes up with.

I have 3 days to sew and no other plans, except to catch up on my blog maybe.  Maybe a couple of movies... but thats it!   Oh and maybe reading a book...but thats all I'm going to do...and a zentangle...  oh drat thats how it all happens.

Hope you all get to spend time with family and quilt this long weekend.

Love to you all,

Aunti Nicole


  1. Goodness you have had a month of ups and downs. Sorry for your loses, even when it's expected it still is always so sad to say good bye to those we love. Morro bay sounds like my kind of iPad and some hand work....all good!

  2. I love you, my dear Sister. I love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much!


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