Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quilting Addiction - Mariner's Saga

Once I get started hand quilting it is hard to stop.  I have been working on this in 2007.  I put the top together from friendship blocks, there a really wide blue border on it now but I'll show more pictures as the quilting develops.  I work on it whenever I am between projects, which is rarely.  I sandwiched and quilted in the ditch around all blocks and applique pieces a few years back.  In September 2011, I did a 1" crosshatch around the wheel.   Now I am going back to do the detail.  It may take me another 4 years, but its not a race right?

I thought I would share some of the blocks I have been working on recently.  Some of my friendship group did mariners compass blocks and those are in the corners, including myself and my Mom.
This one was done by Peggy Krewson.  Hard to see in the photo, but the block background is a really light cream and while check.  Quilting with the fabric gives it some interest.

 Here is the back of that blocks.

The one I'm working now was done by Lisa Dahlman.  See the sea shells? Hard to seem them in the neutral fabric but the back photo shows them a little better.

 I am not ready to put it down yet, so there will be more to show soon.  I'm cooking up a quilt design for our guild's challenge and hand quilting allows me time to get my creative juices flowing.

Hope you all get a chance to quilt this week!
Love Aunti Nicole

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  1. Keep at it, it's turning out so well! Wow, you are right, it is addictive once you get started.


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