Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas My Dear Quilters

Christmas Eve and all is quiet at the Morris home.  I have a week long vacation ahead of me and I've got one foot nailed to the floor and I'm spinning round my quilt room.  What should I work on????  I have plenty to do, believe me, but its hard to settle down and get to it!

What is that WillieNo! ?

Oh you're looking at my Christmas quilts, I see......GIT OUT OF THE DARN TREE!

This was a class I took a while back at Quilt Cupboard when it was in Fullerton, wow that was a while ago.  

I made this for a couple at work for a Christmas exchange...hard to find a good manger scene.  My first try with fusible web....good grief....I learned about Sewer's Aid which is a a silicone that keeps your needle from getting too sticky.
This was a pattern I made for a class I taught last year at Quilting Bee in Orange.  Pattern is available at my shop.

I loved doing this one!  Two charm packs of Fruit Cake.  I just sewed two sets of charm squares into half square triangles and arranged them until I liked the blocks.  I'll probably have to do one like this again!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukkah or Kwanzaa or are just take some Holiday time out to enjoy your loved ones, may you find Joy, Hope and 
Peace on Earth.

 God Bless Us Everyone!
Aunti Nicole


  1. Merry Christmas, Nicole, Pete and WillieNo from the not so frozen North!

  2. Merry Christmas Nicole! I am off next week too and much like you hope to spend a lot of it sewing. But first I have to dig it out from under the extra wrapping paper, gift receipts and various other stuff that gathered behind its closed door in this busy weekend.


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