Friday, January 6, 2012

I've been working on the Railroad!

Actually, I have been working on the trains. My friends little boy is just fastinated with choo-choos so this fabric inspired the quilt.  Its called All Aboard designed for Exclusivley Quilters 

Beautiful artwork on the trains, but I couldn't just leave it at that, I had to hack it up and put borders.

The outer fabric is little badges for all the different train companies.  I remember being little and watching and waiting for the train to go by what seemed like forever, which each of these little logos on the cars.

I should be able to quilt this pretty soon!

New Years resolutions:
I resolve to learn to be a better photographer specifically for your viewing pleasure.
I also resolve to keep a notebook by my side and write down all of the crazy ideas that I have daily.
And of course to finish some of my 14 UFOs ;]

Happy New Year to you All!
May 2012 be the best yet.
May you never run out of fabric
May your thread never break
May you never lose your need ;P
May your backing never pucker
May your ripping be minimal
May your ideas run amok
May you be surrounding by quilters with passion!

And you to and your families, Health and Happiness in 2012.
Love Aunti Nicole


  1. What a wonderful quilt top! Great job! May 2012 be full of blessings for you and your loved ones.

  2. Only 14 UFOS? I love the notebook idea. i actually wrote down my quilt goals for 2012. I am hoping it keeps me on track.

  3. very cool! I love it and the little one will love it too. I am sure there will be many hours of looking at all the different pictures in the train blocks.


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