Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road was Packed!

I am happy to report that Road California was busy busy busy.  Lots of wonderful quilts to see and lots of people.  Great news for the quilting industry!

We had a great day at the show yesterday and saw everything we could in one day!

And yes, cracked the wallet open and picked up some goodies.

3 yards of lovely!  I got this from Natalie's Beyond the Reef, not sure what to do with it yet but it was talking to me.  Trendex BD-003R.

A couple of patterns of Kenna Ogg of Madison Cottage Design, go Kenna!  I feel a scrappy quilt coming on!

Picked out a border template for a hand quilt that I have been working on for .....3 years (yeah i know!)

Been looking for clamps for quilt sandwiching.  Found these little gems at the gadget booth.  They work pretty well.   Sandwiched two quilts this morning! 

Ok thats it, I did my part for the quilting economy.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and find some time to sew.

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  1. LOL, nice work Nicole, I got the same pattern from Natalie and also picked up the FQ stack, it just looks so happy! I also just couldn't resist a pattern and piles of fabric from Verna of the Vintage Spool, so very soft and romantic, much different that the hawaiian!


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