Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Fernandez Boyz Quilts

 Congratulations to my friends Patty and Jorge, they had a new addition to their family.   This is Aaron Daniel Fernandez. Is this boy adorable or what?
So of course I had to make him a little quilt.  Very fun little puppy fabric.

For the label I took a photo of one of the little paw prints and used Photoshop Elements to put some text on it.

His big brother Aiden was born in 2009 and for some reason I did not do my Aunti diligence.  Turns out he has a thing about choo-choo trains.   I saw this train fabric at Calico House in Brea and thought of him.  I am not usually into panels, but these just fit the bill so perfectly.  My husband Pete had the idea of just cross hatching the panels and I love the way it turned out.  This is a big boy quilt, about twice as big as his little brother's.  That ought to do it!

The label was screen captured from an image on line and kind of colorized with Photoshop Elements. 

I hope you all get to sew this week!
Aunti Nicole


  1. Great quilts!

    And he's very adorable. I love how every baby in the world is the cutest baby ever! It's so very reassuring.

  2. Oh how cute are these Nicole. i do like using a panel once in a while for a grant effect. And I love the labels, I have got to figure out that process.

  3. Nice photography on your labels! Makes them so special. The quilts look great.


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