Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

My friend Hilary made this beautiful quilt top for her daughter.  She asked me to quilt it for her on my Tin Lizzie.

 I was a little concerned because it was about 7' square and my Falcon frame is exactly 7'.  This means that there is at least 6" on both sides that cannot be quilted.  Eek!   So since I'm a problem solver by nature, naturally I wanted to tackle it ;]  

I quilted the center of the quilt while folding the excess backing and batting over at bit.  It did make the tension a bit of an issue so I made sure it was only 4" excess on each side.  
After finishing with the center,  I trimmed the excess backing/batting to be exactly 4" from the quilt top.
I turned the quilt 90 degrees on the rack and used the large straight pins to pin it at the top.  Then I used clamps over the lower roller to secure the bottom.  I quilted 1/2" of one side, moved it over repinned and did the other half.  Then the other side.  It actually worked out pretty well. No puckers ;]  I love "Duck Tape" workarounds.
I am in the process of quilting a large 9 patch and have the same problem.  I'll posted pictures of how I did the sides this time and repost the tutorial.

This is an ornament made by Bev in my Wool Gatherer's group.  Had to share it with you.  I love soft ornaments that my WillieNo! can't destroy.

Beautiful fabric I received in a gift exchange with my EZ Quilters group compliments of Sandra Usher and the good sportsmanship of Debbie Shapiro.  

Thats all for now.  I'll post again when the 9 patch is done!

Hope you are all sewing this weekend!
Love Aunti Nicole


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