Friday, September 5, 2014

A Voyage of Friendship

Some of you may be wondering where I have been.  Well....its a long story.  Here is the short edited version.  Pete and I transferred our jobs up to Oregon.  We both managed to keep our jobs of 15+ years and work the same companies in different states.  We love Oregon, love the rain and the green.

We rented a house for about 6 mos and then started house hunting.  Last month we bought a house in a quiet little pocket of Happy Valley.  1970's house fully updated with a beautiful water feature in the backyard. 

We have never had a yard so this should be fun.  Pete bought a lawn mower and I am already loving going outside after work, weeding, trimming and playing in the dirt.  I hear that its only 4 mos out of the year, so that might give me some time to sew.

So while I was moving from November 2013 until last month, I decided to store all my quilting stuff and finish a hand quilt that I started in 2004.  Yes that would make it 10 years, but I am finished!  I love the way it turned out.  The outer blocks were done by my EZ Quilter friendship group.  But influenced by every quilter who saw the work in progress.  I love it and its finally home on my bed.

But before it made it there, I sent it to my Mom for her Shasta Lily Guild - Quilt Show last weekend.  My quilt took first place in the Large quilt division.  There were some amazing quilts in this group and I am honored.  Thank you Shasta Lily Quilters!

Viewer's choice in the show went to Bev Roper with this original piece.  This was exquisite work and I love the celtic work in the sashing.  Bev is an amazing artist and quilter.

I have more to share from the show and a recap on the Quilt Sew Knit show here in Portland.  I am a little behind on posts so I have lots to post.  Stay Tuned!

I hope you find some time to sew today!
Love Aunti Nicole

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  1. Ack...I think my note flew away when I signed in to Google, hope this doesn't double post. Anyhow, your quilt is beautiful and so deserving of the big win. Looking forward to seeing all thats new in your life!!


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