Monday, October 6, 2014

Keep Hoppin! Blog Hop

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by!  My husband and I just moved to Oregon from Southern California.

We bought a house in Happy Valley.  We are loving Oregon with the change in seasons.  Have a yard now so summer means working in the yard and playing in the pond in our backyard.

I've been quilting for about 25 years now but have been sewing since I was little. Quilting is my artistic outlet.  My favorite thing about it is that there are guidelines and guidelines and rules, but then you can throw them all out and do whatever you want.  I like to take my thinking out of the box mind and twist up something traditional and end up with something new.

While I usually have 15-20 projects going at all phases, I love completing things.  I like to stay up late and push through to completion....sometimes.

I don't really have a style, except if you ask my friends, they'll say I like to complicate things.  I would have to agree completely.   I like puzzles and love a good challenge.

Some things I've learned...
so here are some of mine.. or is mine the worst  These i use in everyday life as well.

1.  Never stop at a mistake.  Fix it right away!  Otherwise you will avoid picking up that project ever again.

2.  Never tell yourself..."I can't do this"   If you enjoy it, then do it.  Find a way or a technique that works for you.

3.  Practice the areas that are rough until they are no longer rough.

4.  Ask questions of others whose work you admire...and then write it down.  I have forgotten more great tips and had to bump my head on the same wall when it hits me "Du-Oph!  Oh yeah, I forgot about that!

4.  Before starting a project, take a few minutes to think it through.

  • How long will this take? 
  • Do i have what i need?  
  • Do i know what I'm doing?
  • Do I really care about any of the above?  
  • Sometimes you just have to sit down and start.
5.  Are there ever any projects that I throw away? No!  Everything will eventually end up in something.  Really it will!

6.  Does everything have to be a quilt? NO!  Tried that...made one block.  Hey look a wall hanging!

7.  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  This project took me 10 years to complete.  Hand appliqued, hand quilted.  Just finished this year.  Thought I would never be done.

8.  Surround yourself by amazing people!  They make life so much richer!

I was invited to this blog hop by Eileen Wintemute.  Check out her blog if you haven't already.  She is an amazing artist and one of those amazing people I mentioned.  Thanks Eileen for inviting me to be part of this.

Also check out my dear friend Dione's blog Crossfit Zen.  They have a community outreach program, bring fitness, nutrition and life style mentoring to kids all over LA.

A few of my favorites are 
and check out follow list.

Please feel free to check my gallery and patterns.  I took a year from blogging so I have some catching up to do.  Although I did spend my first 8 months in Oregon finishing my big Mariner's compass quilt.  Follow this blog if you want to see more.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you get time to sew!

Aunti Nicole

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