Monday, November 29, 2010

Reverse Appliqué Class - Done

 Hi All,  Hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend!  I got to see my cousin Matt and his daughter Brigid who lives up north in Washington.  We had a great time and great food and brought my guitar over to hear what Matt has been creating.  (A budding coffee house guitar star).   Gramma made my husband Pete a pie care package to go.  One whole pie pan with pieces of apple, chocolate cream, and pumpkin.  He was in heaven.

Thanks Uncle Joe and Aunt Debbie for having all of us over (about 18 in Southern California).   I love my family, we are truly blessed.

So Saturday, I taught a reverse appliqué class at Orange Quilt Bee in Orange California.

I had three lovely people in my class and we had great fun.  Ok, maybe not so much fun as they worked really hard.  Everyone did great and I think they all got the hang of the technique.

My neighbor Betty even joined us, I put her in the corner, see.  But not because she is bad.

I brought samples and tools and suggestions, my quilt bag of requirement was packed full, you can't see but I have a pile on the floor as well. ;]

I did not get a picture of the finished results, but we are meeting later in Dec to show and tell and I can't wait to see what they have completed.

So right next to where we are working my sample quilt for the Tic-Tac...Oh!  pattern is display in the store front window.  Very excited about that.

Off to Vegas for my annual Autodesk University jaunt.  I am only teaching one class there this year and am looking forward to it.

Have a great week and hope you get time to sew.

Love Aunti Nicole


  1. How exciting! Maybe if I can get my little singular square done, I can share too!

    Oh, and I've decided on "the quilt" for the coming year. It involves chickens. We shall work out the other details later. ;)

    Good job, AnnaCole! Attagirl!

  2. I wish that I could have attened that...How fun that would have been!
    Love yours!


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