Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mystery Present

I'm back from a business trip in Las Vegas.  Every year I speak at Autodesk University in Las Vegas.  This year, Autodesk University was at Mandalay Bay.  I think I walked about 5 miles a day from the hotel to the convention center.  But the food is fantastic and the people always a pleasure.  Autodesk University is a 3 day training event for Autodesk software users to come and gather as much knowledge as possible in a short time, just like a quilt show.  Always fun and exciting, but am glad to be back and get a chance to sew this weekend.

Yesterday I took a class at the Orange Quilt Bee.  I can't share with you the end result yet, because I made a Christmas gift for someone who watches my blog.  You'll have to check back after Christmas to see the end result.  But I can share the supply pile with you. that a zipper in that pile?
I don't know.......

Class was a ball and mostly made up of other instructors from OQB.  They are loads of fun and it was great getting to know everyone in class.  Everyone in the class managed to finish their project and had a great time doing it.  Lisa was amazing and has a lot of patience.  Everyone was sewing at difference speeds, me being the slow poke in the crowd.  But Lisa, was willing to do each step 12 times, once for each quilter.  Good grief!

What are you all making for the Holidays?  Would love to hear from you.  You can post a link to your blog, or send me a picture and I'll post on my blog.

Hope you all get to sew this weekend.  



  1. I'm making three quilts (so far!) and a whole pile of mug rugs.....what was I thinking??? But it's fun!!

  2. I am so looking forward to January when things slow down a bit and I can take a few classes. Actually I'm looking forward to the holidays too, I keep telling my kids don't wish your life away! Looking forward to seeing what you've got there.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time!


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