Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't it make you want to Appliqué

On Saturday, my girlfriend Dione came over to go to road with me.  She brought me flowers just because.  They are the most unusual flowers that I've seen in a bouquet, but just gorgeous.  This big flower in the middle looks like a head of lettuce, but with sparkles.  There are actually little pointy tips on the ends of the leaves like beading.  The combinations of purples and greens, just lovely!

And ...I'm choppin broccoli!  No really these look like broccoli's pretty cousin broccolette!

And then this week I also received flowers from my bosses, Kanwar and Anthony.  
As a thank you and well wishes.  

I received the flowers yesterday and so they were in my house all day.  When I got home, I could smell them the minute I walked in.  They are the most fragrant flowers.
I am so inspired to appliqué I can't wait to get some free time to do it. Perhaps in my near future! ;]

Special thanks to my friends and family for making me feel so special and continuing to inspire me!



  1. All the best Nicole, hope today goes simply and swiftly and recovery is quick and you can enjoy the time appliquing quicker!

  2. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful sister! We love you and we look forward to spending some recovery time with you real soon! xoxo, Dione

  3. Hope you are better soon, and it is always lovely to get flowers just because. Joe just did that for me today, and I posted about it.


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