Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing Like a little Down Time

Sometimes you just have to take some time to clear your head from daily stresses of life.  Find a comfy spot and take a nap.

But when you can't seem to stop your mind from spinning, here is a cool new artistic outlet.  Its called ZenTangle and its a really fun kind of meditation and kinda quiltish.  

Yesterday Mom and  I were visiting our friend Sharla at her place Soft Expressions and she was telling me about ZenTangle.

So this is my first attempt and I can tell its going to be a bit addictive.  I did this one in a few hours while listening to a couple of movies.  I would say watching but I didn't look up much.  
(8.5" x 5.5" Watercolor paper, the smudgie look is my poor photography and a little because I am left handed and that is just how we roll.)

I can totally see this pouring into my quilting creativity.  I have been working on for a few months that kind reminds me of this.  I'll show it soon, once I get to a stopping spot.

So what I want to know is, do you Tangle?

Talk to me,
Aunti Nic


  1. I love the look of zentangle. I bought the books but haven't had time to practice doing it yet.

    Yours looks great.

  2. Oh dear, the trouble with reading blogs is there are always way more ideas and things I want to do then I have time! Hope you're doing well Nicole!

  3. VERY cool! And, I can't wait to see where this shows up in your quilting. Next level quilting for sure!

  4. You are right, it IS addictive! Did some tangling in front of the TV last night, you are right, you notice you don't look up much (smile).
    LU, M


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