Friday, March 11, 2011

EZ Quilters in March

Monday I got to visit with my EZQ group.  I love the inspiration I get from these meetings.  Mardell gets the prize this week for inspiring a new way to look at things.  This small wall hanging has a simple background and the quilting just adds to it.  Hand quilted by the way, Mardell does such exquisite work!

She reminded us that you have to put a binding on every quilt.   "In the simplest terms, "birthing" a quilt refers to a quilt that is "bound" pillowcase style." 

It works best with smaller quilts.  You lay the back on the quilt top right sides together.  Lay on top of the batting.  Then sew 3 sides and all but about a foot of 4th side.  Trim the edges so you have a 1/4 seam and turn inside out.  Finish by applique or whipstitch closed.

Here is the finished double pineapple quilt that was made last year by my group.  We put our names in a hat and had an innocent bystander draw for it.  Sherrillee won the drawing and of course had to have it quilted and put the binding on it.  It is just gorgeous!

Been doing a lot of quilting and knitting, nothing to share just yet, but its coming soon!

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Love Aunti Nicole


  1. Glad to know you've been getting some fun things done! And its getting to be Spring, hurrah! (lol, my word is wicans...spring...a reach?)

  2. Beautiful work! Sounds like a neat group!


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