Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its an illusion!

 Once upon a time, I knitted a baby blanky.  My best friend was having a baby and since I didn't know boy or girl, green it was.  Just a simple K2, P2, popcorn stitch.  The quilt was for my niece Patience who is now a freshman at USC.   

Yeah, so this is my first knitting project in 20 years.   Now the yarn selection is crazy, and has grown right along with the fabric selection (which I'm sure we are all aware).  I selected a self stripping yarn and a simple basketweave pattern.

The project took about two weeks and would have been quicker, except that I finished 1/3 and ripped out, completely, twice!

So here is where the illusion came in....  I used two skeins of yarn, that I thought were the same self-striping.  Before joining the two skeins, I did the fringe on one side and prepped the fringe for the other side and set aside, to be sure I had enough.  Then joined.  Low and behold, I don't think I'm knitting tighter, I think the  stripes were different on the two skeins.

I think it turned out pretty cool... but it is just something to be aware of in case you are working on a project where it would not look so cool.  I did not check the dye lot and that might have made a difference.

Interestingly enough this has been finished for a couple of weeks and I've even worn it out but never noticed the zigzag stripes until I laid it out and took pictures of it for you.  So thank you for that!
Basketweave II by Oma Englund
Pretty simple pattern but you do have to count.  

Ok, thats done, back to quilting!

Love Aunti


  1. Love it! Maybe you could consider it a gradient? Yeah, that's it. Its gradient in pattern. :)

  2. Ok, don't laugh...Mom just taught me how to spell skeins. I fixed it!


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