Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tessellated Mint Chocolate

At my Flying Geese Quilt Guild I joined a UFO Challenge.  The challenge is to finish 5 quilts that were Unfinished prior to the challenge.  This is my first completed quilt.  I started it about 2 years ago.  It was my month to big a block in my EZQ group.  Each member made me a block and I put them together.  This is actually a one block quilt.  I chose mint chocolate for the theme.  I love the fabric choices and the quilt came out great.  I finally finished the quilting on my new Tin Lizzie.  I have a feeling a lot more UFO's are going to be completed here in the new future, challenge or no.

 Here is the block.  Its created by sewing and slashing and resewing.

For the backing fabric I used some fabric I got from Beyond the reef.  Kind of a beachy toile.

Some of my friends Donna and Pat created some simple philanthropy kits and passed them out at the last EZQ meeting.  Great idea.  I whipped this rail fence up in no time.  Its a pretty good sized lap quilt.

I'll be traveling next week to Sacramento.  So I've got this weekend to sew, do laundry and pack.

I hope you all get a chance to sew this week.


  1. My plan for the weekend? Assembling 3 tops, all the blocks are done! 2 are laid out and I'm sewing...well after I check on where the backing fabrics for the teeshirt quilt....hs marching band fabri for my niece. Love this top Nicole!

  2. Hooray, one down! Looks great, i love the all over effect of the chocolate and soft green. The quilting adds so much dimension, great job! I am glad you are posting such great pics.
    I just started another quilt (like I don't already have enough in the works). I have been feeling a batik quilt coming on for a while and so I cheated and bought a fabric kit of Bali Batiks and a paper piecing pattern by Judy Niemeyer. It's going well, have three block sections (out of 12) done already.
    AND am working on my 7th block of the applique quilt that I started at your house with the pink backgrounds. After this one, I have to prep more blocks, so I may do that when I visit next month.
    So glad to have a quilting Mecca to come to visit, and can't wait to use your new machine, tee hee!

  3. AND the rail fence is great, I know it was a lot of sewing, but I am thinking that quilting it was real quick! xxoo


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