Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celtic Knot

A couple of weeks ago the gang at Orange Quilt Bee in Orange, CA invited me to do another class this summer.  I chose the Celtic Knot.  About 8 years ago my sister taught this class in Mt Shasta at Sew Unique.  My sister is one of my favorite quilters and is an excellent teacher, mother, nurse.

And here is a wedding gift that she did for me.   Little 12" square, but its one of the only quilts that hangs on a wall in my house.  Its hand quilted to boot!

 I have resurrected the class with her permission and added some new things I have learned along the way.   I did this  last Sunday after noon, after my workshop and after a nap.  took me about 3 hrs.

As you will see in the blowup, it is not yet sewn down, but that part is a piece-o-cake.

I had so much fun making this piece I may make a border for it ;]  I can't wait for the class.

The class is scheduled for May 28th and will be on their calendar soon.  So you if you want to signup just email them and they'll take care of you or just let me know.

Hope you get to sew today!


  1. Ok, I do want to take this class!! My new grandbaby is due on May 25th. Odds of my being around on the 28th? Pretty slim...sigh. If for some reason things move out 6 weeks let me!

  2. I like the angle of your close-up photo. Gives it a certain character. Either way, I got to put my fingertips on this piece and it was soooo cool! I like this alot.

    Love you!

  3. Your new sample is lovely! Wish I could be there!

  4. I love your updated Celtic knot. Putting the colored fabric in an area was so creative and really made a difference. Very beautiful! Good job, girl!

  5. Amazing! I also love that you added those pieces of red and green. It gives it nice depth. My kids would love to trace around the shape over and over.

  6. will you put the celtic cross on line?

  7. will you be putting your Celtic Knot- not your sisters, but yours on line with the pattern?

  8. If you would like the pattern, please email me at


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