Sunday, April 3, 2011 why Zentangle?

You may ask yourself, "Self, why would I take on a new form of art when I couldn't possible make all the quilts I've planned in my single lifetime."  Well...I'll tell you... Quilting is simply textile art. Whether its a utilitarian style, traditional or modern, it is a form of expression.  I love to see how new "quilting skills" grow from a seemingly separate form of outlet.  

Today I was tracing a quilting line that I came up with for a new quilt design and realized that I was Tangling! (see Zentangle)

I actually think the time meditating over my tangles has loosened my machine quilting muscle.  Just like zentangle, I created geometric constraints and then doodled a consistent pattern within the shape.  It isn't perfect but it has exactly my desired effect.  (By the way, I quilt on a Bernina aurora 430.)

Like my friend and fellow Wool Gather Eileen Wintemute, is a wonderful artist and encorporates her different forms of art into her quilting.  She has a natural gift with color and form.  Check out her blog at 
I just can't wait to see what she does next!

I love it when things in life just comes together in harmony.  You know its not coincidence but God's hands at work in our lives.

Like a seemingly random letter with a lovely story that touches a place in you that you needed, at that exact moment in time.  Here's a story of sisters if you have 30 min and whole box of kleenex.
Thank you my Dione, "Sister from another mother".  I love you and my other mother too. ;]

Aunti Nicole


  1. Ever since you showed me your zentangle fun, I have been considering it for the inside cover of my childrens book(s). Right?!

    So glad you read the story. Again, I say, "Right?!"

    Love you, Dione

  2. Yikes, you are right! It is so Zennnny! I am not ready for the tissue box story yet, but will check that out later.

  3. So, I lied...I read the story right off. It is certainly thought provoking. Sad and funny.

  4. What a cool quilting design. Now I see what you are talking about! You are an art quilter and I think you should join me at my next Quilts on the Wall meeting.

    Thank you for the nice words about my work. I really appreciate that. Go girl!


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