Friday, April 1, 2011

Done Been Splendid in March

Wasn't March splendid?  Well ok it didn't suck.    Anyway, a little late to post March, but here is my Bee Splendid entry for March.  This month was for Sarah Reams choice, she sent precut little squares and big piece of kona white.  It went together really quick.  

Here is the link for the tutorial posted by Modify Tradition 

Blocks were actually in the mail on time.    

Happy April Fools Day to all!

Love Aunti


  1. Without deadlines, we would founder in our UFO bliss...(smile). Good Job!

  2. Just loving the brightness of this square! So very spring-y...yay!

  3. I could not agree more..splendid, color, design and I just love white backgrounds..don't you? lol

  4. I agree with Jane about the deadlines. I love the block too!


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