Sunday, August 7, 2011

EZ Quilters - August

Last week our monthly EZ Quilters meeting was at Liz Isom's house.  Her house is so fun to visit.  She is quite the collector from antiques to quilts to small handmade objects, many by her.  I could just wander around her house for days looking at everything she has collected.   and she lets me touch stuff ;]

After looking at these pictures, I have decided that I really need to work on my photography skills.  But hopefully you can get the gist from these candid shots.

Sandra Usher had a lot to share.  She has been a busy girl this summer, with her visiting 10 year old grandson, but she still managed to get some beautiful quilts completed.  This quilt has cameos of little baby angels and scripture.  This is a gift for one of the ladies at her church.  The soft florals are her MO and she does some beautiful work with them.

Here is another she made from the leftovers fo the previous one.  Just gorgeous!
This one is a gift for her brother's library.  She did some fabulous quilting on it and used some different textured fabrics.  The pictures don't do it justice, it is such a treasure.

Next was Liz Isom.  This one is a piece she made for her brother who is a wine connoisseur and she made this applique quilt for him.

She does some beautiful work with panel fabrics.  I don't know where she finds these but it is amazing what she does with them.  The way she quilts it, its hard to tell where the panel stops and the piecing begins.
This is a wool quilt that she recently completed.  It is just stunning and again the photo just doesn't cut it.  I just love her work.

 Next up was Sharon Sutton.  She has a real love for Christmas and scrap quilts.  Here you will see how wonderfully those two go together.  This is a string quilt.  My photo shows it a little dark but it is really bright and just lovely.

Here is another string Christmas quilt by Sharon.  She is really good at making scrappy look planned.

My pal Joan Rossen has been diligently working on this tumbling blocks quilt.  She asked is there a way to do this by machine? We couldn't think of anything.  The fun part here is that when I showed her this picture, the 3D really pops out.  I think its hard to see when you are too close to the project, as in putting in every stitch one at a time.  You can see that a black border is starting to develop around the outside.  Can't wait to see this as it progresses.


Here is my show and tell.  Its little about 12" block.  I got the idea from One Day in May, A Wreath for All Seasons  

It is such a pleasure each month to visit with these ladies and see what has been cooking up in their quilt studios.

With my sewing machine out of commission I have been working on hand projects and as you know they go more slowly.  I finally got it back and have been sewing all weekend.  So hopefully I will have some more to share soon.

Hope you all get to quilt this week.
Love Aunti Nicole

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