Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Note - Cool Tool!

Inside of Office 2010 is a really cool tool that I have found to organize my life and of course my quilting projects.   One Note is a notebook type project that is totally interconnected.  Here I'll show you....

 I created several notebooks, see along the very left of the below image.  Quilting projects, Household, Guitar Lessons, Vacations.  Each notebook has pages that you can drag from one notebook to another. 
On the pages, you can type text where ever you put your cursor.  You can insert images and move them around just by dragging. Todo, tasks, meetings actually show up in Outlook and are connected so when they are finished on your task list in outlook.

Above is a little project I am working on, there is a sample I found on a blog, I have her blogsite written down so I can give her credit.  Then my little variation of it and plans on what to do with it.  

I have created tasks so that next time I go to a quilt store, Outlook gives me a list of stuff I need for my 15 or so projects that are up in the air.

This was a project done with my Bee Splendid group.  She gave us some samples and then some fabric an we had to make our own strip.  See my idea and my final on the right.

You can keep your notebook on your computer or share it on the web with other people.  Make it password protected and a whole lot of stuff I haven't had to use yet.

You can simply email a page from your notebook directly to people who you want to share it with.

It will also be listed as one of your printers, so you can print an email or image and have it create a new notebook page or go to an existing page.

I love organizational tools because they allow me to juggle more balls ;]  

If you don't have MS Office 2010, I believe Evernote is a similar tool but has fewer features.

Have a great week and hope you get to sew.

Love Aunti Nicole

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