Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Precarious Position

At the very top of my over crowded quilt rack, sleeps WillieNo!  Don't worry, he won't fall, he has his little needle claws dug deep into my QUILT!  
Benefits of this spot you ask?
  • Afternoon Sunshine
  • Highest position possible in the room.
  • Gets the stink eye from Me
  • And head shake and sigh from Pete

All very valuable in picking the perfect site.

Meanwhile I finished a quilt for our Flying Geese Quilt Show in October.  This is Fractured Fruitcake Sampler.  Here is a little tutorial for the blocks.  Click Me!  They are pretty simple, made from half-square triangles.  The tough part for me was keeping the quilting symbol.  I usually complicate everything to add "interest" but being done in time feels good too. 
 So per my husband's suggestion simple quilting, simple binding and of course he was right, but don't tell him I said so.

Turns out that brown is a guy Christmas color, who knew?   Pete and my cousin Tom seem to like this one a lot.  We won't point out that there are pink and purple in the border as well.  hehehhee.

Anyway, fun project, cheery Christmassy and done!

Thank you all for stopping by.  Hope all got to do some quilting this weekend!

All my best,
Aunti Nicole


  1. Nice job! And sometimes being done is the best! Love the name, I have a layer cake and some yardage of that yep, done would be good!

  2. Looks great! (The quilt, I mean).
    Willie's perch is a hoot, what a nut he is. He keeps you laughing, so he does his job well.

  3. Very pretty, Nicole! And I think I'd put a broom handle under WillieNo's backside there to ease the strain on the quilt.....

    What a perfect name for a cat!


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