Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Had a great time at Long Beach Quilt Festival with Hilary.   

Vendors - The usual suspects were all in the house.  I test drove a few long arm machines and gathered data for the future.  There were more wool vendors than I had seen before.   Some beautiful patterns for wool that are looking less primitive, which I like.  

Only made two purchases.  I decided to try to lightly fuse the wool pieces to prevent fraying so I'm going to try the Mistryfuse.

Also replaced the PQF Thimble that I bought last year and WillieNo! managed to hide. 

Show was layed out very nice, in groups of like type quilts. It was just the right amount to prevent sensory overload.  Unfortuately a lot of the quilts said no photographs, so I can't share all the ones that I liked.  There was a wonderful Baltimore Exbhilit with about 20 incredible Baltimore Album quilts.  Just Gorgeous.

I did take pics of a few that had a special interest for me.  I need to get the names before I post them.  

But here are some that I know...  from my Flying Geese Quilt Guid

I am so sad that I did not get a better picture of this one.  This is my friend Pam Hadfield's gorgeous applique quilt.  She does fantastic work.

My friend Julia Renault's quilt

and friend Becky Reed's gorgeous whole cloth.  

Wish you all could have been there to bump into, but maybe next time.

Have a wonderful week and hope you get to sew.

Aunti Nicole

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