Saturday, September 25, 2010

basicgrey/origins for Moda

Natalie at Beyond the Reef was telling me about the Moda grunge fabrics.  So, I found these while I was out today.  This is away from my normal comfort zone but I think I could get used to it, hehehe. ;]

Have something special in mind and I think this will work perfect for it...but more on that later!

Thanks for the tip Natalie!



  1. I really like those Origins fabrics - I've made one quilt from them, and it's a lovely peaceful-looking fabric!

  2. Ok, that done it. I have been salivating over origins for a couple of months but not when I see it all spread out with the grunge...I am off to push buttons!

  3. Well, anything basic grey, for me. Love these colors. AS for the GRUNGE, you can roll around in lots of grunge colors while working the beyond the reef PIQF booth, Nicole!! Did she tell you she'll be at PIQF? Nicole....don't keep it a secret...


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