Sunday, October 24, 2010


I can hardly believe its only been a month since Natalie saw my Bee blocks for September and suggested it would make a great pattern.  I wrote up the pattern, came up with some creative ways of cutting multiple blocks this way.  Grabbed some fabric and got started.  

I wanted to get the pattern done by PIQF so I passed it to my stunt quilter and Mom extraordinaire to do for me.  She did a lovely job, don't you think?.  Thank you Rose of RavenSpeak for the picture! 

Natalie allowed me to set my pattern up in her Beyond the Reef booth at PIQF in Santa Clara.  The quilt never did find a home in the booth and we just kept moving it from here to there right in the big middle.  

We were please to find that the patterns made their way to the cashier all weekend long at PIQF!  

Thanks Natalie and mom for your support as I venture into this new world!

So later when trying to take a good picture of the quilt, WillieNo! went for Pete's jugular.  Pete is just ignoring Willie and me and looking around him to see the TV, lol.  But does't the quilt look warm and yummy.
I just love this Moda line.  I used a jelly roll from the Basicgrey/Origins line, Graph Paper Vanilla for the background and Aromatherapy Brown Sugar for the border. 

So after all that, here is the pattern!  and my new Store :]


  1. It's beautiful, Nicole!! Congratulations!

  2. Lovely quilt, the pattern is so very clever!

  3. I just love that quilt Nicole! Your cat obviously wanted in on the pic!


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