Sunday, October 10, 2010

Won't chu take me to... Wonky Town!

This month's Bee Splendid challenge is for Sue and she has chosen Wonky Town!   This is a fun block and you can experiment with non-symetrical, unstraight and just plain silly architecture.

So here is my interpretation of my townhouse that is the end unit on a building.  But since I cut out the other 3 units that normally ajoined, WillieNo! had to investigate.

Here is a close up of  Wonky Cat.
 For my second block I chose my Mom and Dad's A-frame house that is set out in the middle of the countryside, with a beautiful view of Mt.Shasta  and a pasture across a stream.  Of course you can't see all that, but you can just imagine.

To the see the rest of the blocks made for Sue, check out the Bee Splendid badge over on the side.

3 more days to PIQF! or Piqueef as my husband Pete calls it.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. A-dorable A-frame!
    BEE-yooteeful blocks!

    Countdown, is right. For you readers, Nicole is so bashful...she'll be demonstrating a few of her patterns, dontcha know.....

  2. Wish I was going too! Maybe next year the timing will work out better, have fun!

  3. Great job on your blocks! So creative! Now your making me want to want to make a block that looks like my house. Might be fun!


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