Saturday, May 7, 2011

EZ Quilters - May

Last Monday's meeting at my dear friend Donna Huffman's house.  Our group has grown so and there were about 15 present with still several people people missing.  Its always lots of fun and very loud.  I'm sure Donna's husband Lee would agree.

I think Lisa gets a prize for getting the most done.  This leaf quilt was a group project the first year I joined the group.  I want to say 2005 maybe.  I had too much going so I just watched.  Anyway, each member made 2 blocks and some 4 patches for each member.  It took them several months to get all the blocks.  But we have seen these quilts pop up as done over the course of the last 6 years or so.   All of the quilts from this exchange were just gorgeous and so very different from each other.  (Mom your turquoise blocks pop so nicely!)  Good Job Lisa on getting it together.

Here is another Lisa achievement this month.  Got to see this in the works at our retreat last year.   I had to show a blow up so you can see her wonderful machine quilting.  Aren't the colors just wonderful together?  Can you believe she made this for her dog?  Lucky Dog!

Micki Berg is like a quilting gymnast.  Check this out!  She blew up the pattern from 12" to 18" but wow it is stunning. Good Job Micki!~

Mardell does the most lovely handwork.  Here is a  hawaiin applique piece that she completed for the auction at our Flying Geese Quilt Show in October, 2011.
Debbie Shapiro finished this one.  Her color selection is fantastic.  She changed the pattern up a little to fit the fabric better and it came out great.  Her husband called dibs for this quilt as I guess he has a right. 

So Donna and Pat are our Guild's philanthropy chair people this year.  I am so proud of them for taking this so seriously and really getting out there to find where we as a guild can make a difference.  They have been working very diligently on sewing, kit making and collecting placements, pillow cases and quilts for many different organizations for here and over seas.  One of their friends and long arm quilter just donated 3 gorgeous quilts to philanthropy.

My show and tell you've all seen, since I post it over the previous month.  I'm sure I missed a couple but these are all the pictures I got, since I think I pulled my camera out late.

Every month I get so much inspiration and encouragement from this group.  It keeps the creativity flowing.

Hope you get to quilt this weekend!
Aunti Nicole


  1. Oh My Gosh...could that first photo have been taken in our old house in Garden Grove. That fireplace looks like the one we had when we lived there from 1977-1985!
    Nice quilts and a fun group.

  2. Looks like a lovely group of friends Nicole! I love to sew things for others too.


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