Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Class, Big Success

Hi All,

Yesterday was my Celtic Knot class at the Orange Quilt Bee in Orange, California.  I had two people join me for this class.  I personally love a smaller class, especially when I'm instructing a technique.  The point of the class was to learn a few techniques on making bias tape and some special tips on laying it out to look nice and smooth.  We used Roxanne's glue baste to fix it to the background.  There is some under/over weaving silliness but its really fun.  Once this prep is done, then its easy-peasy to just sew the pieces down.

After discussing and demonstrating a few different ways to do bias tape we settled for my favorite method which if the Bias Tape Maker.  I have this tool in several sizes and will probably never use bias bars again.  The bias comes out nice and flat and is really easy to flex around curves.  It took everyone less than an hour to make all the strips for their design.  For a knot like the one I'm working on, 6"-18" strips work best because you are having to weave a bit, under over, etc.

But wait.... I just saw this machine on line that supposedly does up to 35' in one shot.  Don't think I would want that for this class but for long bias strips on a border it would be great!  

Barbara did a great job on this one.  Her colors were selected to match a bed quilt she is making.  I like how the subtle colors of the inserts give this a life of its own.  Also she was more partial to the symmetry in 3's giving it a more geometric look.  Another 15 min and she would have been done!  Great job Barbara!

I made Marilyn stay long and finish the last strip, I can't believe she was going to leave and not put the last little piece on there. Truth be told, I think I just wanted an excuse to yell "Whoo Hoo!" at the end..  Her color inserts focused on symmetry of 6's and gives it more of a flowery appeals.  She used a charm pack for colors, two from each.  Terrific work Marilyn!

Thank you both for a lovely Saturday afternoon and can't wait to see your completed projects.  And thank you to the ladies at Orange Quilt Bee for allowing me to teach at your shop and for being so helpful.
Have wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, I hope you find time to sew.

Aunti, Nicole


  1. Looks like a wonderful class Nicole...sigh...maybe next time!

  2. You are an excellent teacher, Nicole! Kudos!

  3. Great class projects! Glad you were able to post them... I am sure your two students were glad the class was small and intimate.


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