Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Encouraging, loving, thoughtful, silly, brilliant, witty, emotional, talented, humble, willing, generous, creative, supportive, beautiful, vivacious, practical, caring, strong, courageous, brave, carefree, sweet, outgoing.
Mom and my sister Dana in 1964 I think.  

I was born shortly after.  I think there was a fabric shortage back then or something.  (Good thing thats over huh?)

Mom, you have always been there for me. 
Thanks for being such a great friend.  
Sorry I couldn't be there with you today but you are in my thoughts.  
Have a great day and Happy Mother's Day!
Love You!  Nic


  1. your mom is beautiful.
    I wish I had a scanner~I have lots of old pics I would love to share.

  2. l love that picture of you and your sister. That was a typical look you had on your face. Pretty content and happy baby. Kind of like the look you get when you are finished with a quilting project.

    Sorry about the length of the dress, but it was made from left overs of your sister's Christmas dress, and I used every scrap I had to make you one like hers. I think the hem was a bare 1/2", but it was all the cuter so short!

    You are a wonderful daughter and we are so proud of you!

  3. Looks like Dana is holding me so I don't cut and run get some pants. hehehe.

  4. I'm making my desk shake I'm laughing so hard over here. I've seen this picture before but with the fabric comment, I'm having a difficult time keeping it together. :)

    What a wonderful tribute, Nikki. Happy Mama's Day, Mama Jane!

  5. Oh, these pictures are great!!! And a very thoughtful and caring message for Mama Jane. Jane has been Mama to so many, she deserves an extra day!!!


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